The Circular Theory

Ilexa Yardley was the first to identify Conservation of the Circle as the core dynamic in Nature. 

A circle joins, and separates, and, therefore, is responsible for, any X and-or Y. Yin and yang (ancient) is zero and one (modern) (circumference and diameter) (literally and figuratively). Meaning 'two' is the minimum, and the maximum, (the only), number. Known to all of us as 50-50 everything.

Ambiguous Circle Diameter Circumference (2).jpeg

Complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for a unit because a simple circle is conserved.

Thus, Conservation of the Circle is the most important discovery, insight, oversight, and foresight, of all time. Also known as The Qubit, and-or, Intelligent Autonomy. Quantum Entanglement. Universal System Architecture.

For details, see The Circular Theory on Medium, and, also, latest book on Amazon, 2019, Universal Circularity: Everything about Everything (and Everyone).

For investors, academics, thought leaders in all fields, Conservation of the Circle is the Theory of Everything that explains and integrates all disciplines.