Photography by Jared Chambers

Ilexa Yardley was the first to figure out the core dynamic in nature is the Conservation of a Circle (Universal Circularity 2019, Circularity: Nature's Constant 2018, Abstract Intelligence 2017, The Virtual Persona 2017, Foundations of Mathematics 2017, Circular Reality 2017, The Individualist 2017, The Master Algorithm 2016, The Conservation of Identity 2016, The Enlightened State 2016, Quantum Entanglement 2015, Foundations of Physics 2015, Common Sense 2015, Complementarity: The Key to Nature 2014, The Single Body Problem 2014, Conservation of the Circle 2013, Conservation of a Constant 2013, The Circular Theory 2010, Absolute Intelligence 2005, Relative Realities, Partial Truth, Opposite Approach 2002).

Conservation of the Circle solves the duality dilemma that has plagued mankind for 40,000 years, explaining why complementarity (constant opposition) (a hidden circle) is the basis for everything. A liability is an asset (and vice versa) meaning 50-50 is both the constant and the norm.

This insight is easily used as a strategic thought weapon, a shortcut, for the genius in every person who wants to maximize the cognitive dissonance (minimize the chaos) called 'reality.' It provides a universal system architecture for technology, Nature, and reality, and, is easily identified: most important discovery (insight, oversight, foresight) of all time.

Review the material and decide for yourself: Twitter/Ilexayardley and Medium/Ilexa Yardley for more info.

Yardley, a technologist and financial professional (MBA, NYU Stern), is now retired.