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Taos Healing

by Ilexa Yardley


Ilexa Yardley writes deep peaceful keyboard music using complex overtones and very simple keyboard progressions. This combination produces a calm relaxing state that helps people think more clearly. Artists use it to meditate while they are painting, sculpting, or just thinking.

Ilexa was trained as a classical pianist and started writing music at the age of six. Like many musicians, she criss-crossed back and forth between her own compositions and the more traditional classical and jazz repertoires. She was influenced by her father, who was a guitarist, as well as Chopin, Stephen Foster, Wagner, Puccini, Mahler, Mozart, Beethoven, Elgar, Donizetti, and Rachmaninoff.

Yardley says music was always an escape, a safe-haven, a personal sounding board, a unifying experience, and the one constant in her life. Like most musicians, Yardley feels music is personally emotional (it speaks to different people in different ways), while serving all of us as a universal language. Yardley's Taos Trilogy was written and recorded during a summer stay in Taos, New Mexico, in 2004, in memory of her father, who had passed away six months earlier. Yardley composed and recorded it with a Kurzweill XS2600.

In her spare time, Yardley has also hypothesized the scientific basis for reality is the circular relationship between sound and light (sound is an infinite circle, light is an infinite line). She has written 600+ books (on sale at Amazon) and is the editor of ‘The Circular Theory’ on Medium.com, to document this underlying dynamic called Conservation of the Circle.

More at www.Circular-Theory.com, www.Circular-Reality.com, and www.IlexaYardley.com.

The Taos Trilogy is on sale at Amazon.com