Monetizing Circularity: Reality is 50-50

The Circular Theory is a strategic psychological insight that exposes the core dynamic in biology and technology (philosophy and physics) (psychology and mathematics) as the Conservation of a Circle (a constant hidden circle (universal circularity) is the basis point in nature) (zero and one is circumference and diameter, literally, and figuratively).

Conservation of the Circle is easily observed: most important insight of all time.

A hidden circle linking any X and Y explains everything (gravity, relativity, uncertainty) (relationships in general) (time and space) (light and sound) (technology and biology) (mind and matter) (conservation and symmetry) (the conservation of symmetry). This is the basis for circular realism (individualism).

Teaching Circular Realism

The Integrated Thought Institute (ITI) teaches circular realism (individualism) (Conservation of the Circle) (The Circular Theory) to restore a realistic understanding of reality using basic ethics as the humanistic goal. It is especially relevant in a multi-cultural, technologically-advanced, digitally-borderless society, where people need an exact understanding of the word 'liability' (aka virtual reality).

War and peace, competition and cooperation, survival and reproduction (the basis for both good and bad behavior) (life and death as a strategic mechanism in Nature) (the circular relationship of intellect and emotion), any X and Y articulate a circle.

Therefore pi (in mathematics) is the only observer (circularity is involved in everything).

Objectifying Conflict Resolution & Goal Achievement

Thus, conflict resolution and goal achievement (basic ethics) is the general overall objective and the natural outcome (absolute intelligence) because everybody knows oppositional dynamics are the norm (you cannot have yang without yin and-or vice versa) (any observation makes the opposing observation real). 

A misunderstanding of time (the singular observational perspective) ('my view') is the problem all humans are forced to solve (any perspective makes the opposing perspective real). Reality is, necessarily, unified (X is unified by Y) because the circle is conserved. All observation, then, is speculative (half-true). 

Thus, the circular insight overcomes any challenge, achieves any goal, and is applicable to all disciplines and age groups, usable by anyone (see Common Knowledge for motivation, market, and metric information) (unlimited upside, no downside, globally applicable, sustainably perpetual, creates strategic personal brand and legacy, and certain financial security, for any individual (person, institution) who takes the time to understand it).


Engaging Strategic Thinking

A circle in the background proves a liability is an asset (and vice versa) so what we see is never the whole story. Meaning: from my point of view I am the asset and you are the liability; from your point of view, you are the asset and I am the liability, so this is the basis for conflict (assumption, actualization) (self-fulfilling prophecy) (goal achievement) in all disciplines (including the universe in general).

Zeno's paradox articulates a circle, meaning, we already know everything about everything (otherwise how will we know it when we get there?) (everything changes, nothing changes) (the constant is a variable).

A hidden circle is the basis for (any) assumption, negating all assumptions (whatever you assume is true is, definitely, already, true, and, therefore, also, half-false) (a hidden circle turns any assumption into its opposing assumption) (meaning whatever you observe about someone, or something, is also being observed (necessarily true) about 'you'). So, observation, in general, is meaningless.

Capitalizing Identity, Complementarity, Universal Duplicity

Identity is based on complementarity, which is dependent on a circle (identity is a ubiquitous 50-50) (nature is bound by an intelligent cycle) (mind is a singular dimensionless background (pi) joining (and separating) everything to (and from) everything (correctly identified 50-50) (a constant duplicity)).

Ancient religious ideas of a unified absolute infinite intelligence are true (and, also, false) (true and false are irrelevant to a circle), therefore, the basis for ethics, and philosophy, as developed in ancient times, is still with us today.

ITI makes people aware of (and accountable for) this insight (oversight, foresight) and, then, teaches them how to strategize and capitalize around it.

Maximizing Universal Circularity

As for real assets and liabilities, the main problem facing all people is how to effectively monetize time while making a worthwhile contribution to humanity. ITI solves this problem by providing the structure and the foundation (physical and symbolic) for people to overcome boredom and ennui (the main problem facing humans) by using the 'ubiquitous opinion' as the monetization factor.

Therefore, the methodology is simple...

Read a book, take a class, and, then teach a class, to understand (and apply) the theory fully. And, that's it. You're done. You have achieved a fully enlightened state using your own thinking as a strategic weapon. You have monetized your time using the 'ubiquitous opinion,' enlightening others in the process. (Any fact is an opinion, speculation, also known as observation, is always based on a partial perspective (a circular assumption)). Discussing the nature of perspective in a group setting, where a couple is the most basic group, identifies reality (two perspectives, complementary identity, constant opposition).


Correlating A Liability and an Asset

Universal circularity correlates the philosophical foundation of all religions (the universal asset) with basic mathematics (the constant liability) clearing up the confusion caused by historical, culturally-disconnected, multi-disciplinary development, proving nature is intelligent, meaning we already know everything about everything (circular relationship of mind and matter).

This allows people to monetize time and the ubiquitous 'opinion' by exposing (monetizing) the complementary basis for perspective.

Thus, Circular Theorists (personal and professional trainers, consultants, facilitators, coordinators) (regular people) (individualists) who use The Circular Theory to clarify reality, generate $1 million/hour, $2 billion/year, $10 billion base valuation, per 1000 people, globally and perpetually, using this simple assumption: a liability is an asset (and vice versa) (i.e. time is the liability when a person is the asset, and vice versa) (a hidden circle produces repetition and, therefore, multiplication, for any system) (the constant is a variable).

Generating a Natural Neural Network (Market)

Therefore, circular theorists generate a naturally exponential expansion (proving reality is balanced) (everything changes, nothing changes) (any movement makes the opposing movement real) (here and there, then and now, large and small, fast and slow, articulate a circle). Any (and all) individual(s) articulate(s), conserve(s), reproduce(s) a circle.

Profiting from the Circularity in Everything

You can analyze the depth and breadth of The Circular Theory initiative on MediumTwitter and Amazon. It is a self funding project with immediate return that (eventually) solves the excess labor problem in developed (and developing) countries. 1,000 circular theorists generate $5m at kick-off. A naturally networked market builds on this base exponentially, perpetually, etc.


Enjoying Sustainable Perpetuity

Add-on projects for continual additional cash flow (circular referentiality) include:

I Just Want To Be Beautiful (reality TV, to educate people on how anyone can be brilliant, rich and beautiful using the Circular Theory)

Financial Intelligence (using Circular Theory as the basis for a universally stabilizing fiscal policy)

64Dates (reality TV) (a dating APP to engage everyone and to prove general relativity is present in every relationship)

Accessing The Meaning of None

Going Solo (reality TV, house plans, financial intelligence to support self-sufficiency and survival) (after you're tired of the 'dating' stuff)

Rethinking Reality and Modern Dao (documentary on the Circular Theory to expose the underlying relationship between religion and science)

The Counter-terrorism Initiative (using reality TV as a CIA project to eliminate global conflict and provide a blueprint for next-millennia political structures)

Experiencing A Truly Integrated Reality

Psychological Physics (accessing quantum entanglement as the core assumption and the basis for the lie as a protective mechanism in nature)

The Penumbra Affair (Scorpio Rising and The Third Element) (The Third Coming) (film/TV globalization, war and peace projects to build public awareness of The Circular Theory)

The Integrated Thought Institute Meditation Center a 2200 acre, agricultural land conservation, virtual reality meditation project, for the technologically overloaded to regenerate and recharge


Integrating How and Why

Read a book, take a class, and, then teach a class, to understand (and apply) the theory fully. And, that's it. You're done. You have achieved a fully enlightened state using your own thinking as a strategic weapon.

Universal circularity monetizes time (any action you take teaches others, and your 'self' the Circular Theory) (because the circle is conserved) (the circle survives via what a human knows as 'action' (observation) (actualization) (symbolization) (basic identity)).

What The Circular Theory Delivers: Removes blocks. Overcomes boredom, chaos, listlessness. Achieves personal and professional clarity. Clarifies and integrates personal and professional goals. Resolves conflicts. Monetizes time. Bestows peace. Builds a naturally appreciating market (cash stream) (universal circularity allows for, and controls, everything) (competition, cooperation) (the monetization of time). See Medium/Ilexa Yardley Twitter/IlexaYardley for more detail, or, also, linkages below.

Taking a Shortcut

Shortcut for busy people: 50-50 answers ALL questions (solves all problems) (equalizes reality). Whatever appears 'true' is, necessarily,  (half) false. Therefore, we're all the same. We share the same cyclical dynamic.

Yin and yang are zero and one (circumference and diameter) coming directly from a hidden (ubiquitous) circle. Complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for a unit (the core assumption in nature) (the number 'two' is the basis point for everything) (the natural limit in all directions) (the constant and the norm).

The circular relationship between one thing and another (any two entities) allows for differentiation (differentiation is based on speculation) (observation) (unification) (integration) (duplication) (negation). The number 'two' as the universal basis point, explains, clarifies, and, necessarily, then, confuses, everything. (Any symbolic representation articulates a line, diameter and circumference of a circle).

Realizing: It's all About You...

The Circular Theory is something you will need to think about by yourself, on your own (see Going Solo, Rethinking Reality, Gen Z) (Common Sense, Intellectual Capital, Quantum Entanglement) (The Master Algorithm) if you want to validate your own ideas about the reality you are forced to negotiate every day (clarify everything for yourself, make more intelligent decisions about how to spend your time) (find some relief from technological chaos facing all of us) (be ahead of the curve) (figure out why bad things happen to good people and vice versa). 

It is very easy to observe: Conservation of the Circle is the insight that solves all problems, answers any outstanding questions, resolves any paradox (a circle can only circle and only a circle can circle). However, you will have to reach this conclusion for yourself. Experts cannot tell you what you already know. Every symbolic representation in nature articulates a circle (because the line between any X and Y is both diameter and circumference of a circle). This makes everything clear and predictable. 50-50 is a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, that's it. Enjoy!

Teach the Circular Theory...