The Integrated Thought Institute exposes (proves and demonstrates) Universal Circularity (Conservation of the Circle) (The Circular Theory) (a hidden circle) (50-50) as the constant (core dynamic) in nature (using Circularity: Nature's Constant 2018, Abstract Intelligence 2017, The Virtual Persona 2017, Foundations of Mathematics 2017, Circular Reality 2017, The Individualist 2017, The Master Algorithm 2016, The Conservation of Identity 2016, The Enlightened State 2016, Quantum Entanglement 2015, Common Sense 2015, Complementarity: The Key to Nature 2014, The Single Body Problem 2014, Conservation of the Circle 2013, Conservation of a Constant 2013, The Circular Theory 2010, Absolute Intelligence 2005, Relative Realities, Partial Truth, Opposite Approach 2002, and-or any of the other 600+ Circular Theory books).

A hidden circle explains the connection between mind and matter (mind and body) (time and space)) (symbolic and real), therefore, finance and psychology, biology and technology, mathematics and politics, physics and philosophy, relationships and astrology, astronomy and light, (universal circularity) (universal relativity) (universal uncertainty). 50-50 is the constant and the norm, explaining why complementarity is the basis for identity (the self-sufficient state). Duplicity (entanglement) is the basis for a unit. Zero and one is circumference and diameter, literally, and, figuratively (bridge between virtual and real).

Any X and Y articulate a circle. Therefore, Conservation of the Circle explains (and controls) everything. Conservation of the Circle is the core dynamic in nature.