Ilexa Yardley is a proven new business developer (now retired) with 40 years of unique accomplishments as a senior technologist and financial intermediary. For the first half of Yardley's career, she designed, developed, maintained, managed and implemented large scale, industry-leading financial and marketing systems used by Fortune 50 companies to increase assets and manage liabilities (including major market international currency options and derivatives based trading systems). She also sold and delivered management consulting and technological decisioning expertise to help clients monetize the circularity between people and technology. Clients and employers included the U.S. Treasury Internal Revenue Service, Irving Trust-BNY Mellon, Bankers Trust-Deutsche Bank, Exxon Mobil, AT&T, American Management Systems and Razorfish. Focus and deliverable: more efficient process, less time.

For the second half of her career, Yardley originated and analyzed corporate acquisitions and commercial real estate projects for private equity investors (and vice versa), designed an intangible asset valuation practice as a business expansion strategy to effect a joint venture between a financial and a technological advisory firm (precursor to fintech), applied business research skills for personal and professional international financial asset investigations, helped people understand their options for debt restructuring during a major business downturn, led a biotechnology medical device team in consumer product sales (Express Scripts), increased sales participating on an inventory logistics team (Dollar Tree), figured out how to turn all of this conventional business experience (five business expansion-downturn cycles) into a major foundational physics insight (a liability is always an asset and vice versa) (circularity is involved in everything) (finance and technology share a circular relationship). Focus and deliverable: more effective process, less time.

Yardley's education includes an MBA in finance, NYU Stern, an MS in education (educational psychology, music concentration), SUNY, a diploma in systems technology, NYU (before computer technology was considered a formal discipline), and post-graduate courses in mathematics, physics, philosophy and design, Harvard, Columbia, Rice Universities. Current projects include: strategic business development; build-out of strategic consulting firm to address global labor inequities (put underemployed professionals back to work) (monetize universal circularity). Focus and deliverable: circularity as the basis for the monetization of time.

Author The Circular Theory & Founder Integrated Thought Institute  

Yardley figured out the core dynamic in nature is the conservation of a circle (universal duplicity) (absolute infinite intelligence, relativity, uncertainty, entanglement). Partnered with Brian D. Josephson, Nobel Laureate physicist, Cambridge University, Mind-Matter Unification project, self-published 600+ titles on Amazon, and explained them on Medium and Twitter to give any person and-or organization unfettered access to the insight. Founded a virtual (and real) educational facility based on natural neural networks and markets, proving the core driver in all institutions is debt (fixed income). Special emphasis on the unlimited circular relationship between an asset and a liability (virtual reality) as the main deliverer of sales results (core dynamic in Nature). Figured out the algorithmic relationship between artificial and actual intelligence (see The Master Algorithm on Amazon). Untangled the mandatory complementary perspective (argument as the basis for everything) basis for provable science (and mathematics). Pointed out a hidden circle is the basis for Einstein's relativity, Jung's archetypes, Noether's theorem (formally referenced at Lindau 66th 65th 64th meeting Nobel Laureates 2016 2012 2008)  (circular relationship between time and space) (symbolic and physical reality) (core dynamic in nature).