Circle is Absolute Intelligence  by Ilexa Yardley 

Absolute Relativity


 Circle Beneath Any Two Entities: Movement

Any two entities form an invisible circle because there is an invisible line between them. Both entities are in a circular and linear relationship with each other. Both entities, if they are in a linear relationship, are in a circular relationship (because the line must always be the diameter of a circle). Both entities are, basically, and absolutely, circles (any X and Y form circle).  If an entity (or a process or a system) is near, or far from, on, or not on, inside, or outside, a circle, this entity (or process, or system) is in a circle with the circle, and is, therefore, a circle. The circle, and not the entities, either of them, control, and is the most important dynamic, (entity and process), between them. One circle mandates many circles (and vice versa).

Intelligence-Relativity: Circle

Intelligence is based on relativity, or the presumed, supposed, observed, or believed, difference between one entity and another. Any two entities form an invisible line which is always the diameter of a circle. The circle is present between any two entities, similar, or different, equal or unequal, related or unrelated. The circle, therefore, is the basic, or absolute, intelligence, present and available, for any, and all, entities. The circle and line between the two entities is the basis, or absolute intelligence,  for the relativity, or presumed, supposed, observed, believed  difference, between them. From the circle's point of view, separate entities are joined, different entities are the same (both entities are circles from the circle's point of view). Any X and Y form circle. We may call this general X and Y movement, stillness, noise, quiet, chaos, order, absolute, relative, nothing, something, energy, mass, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, one, many, zero, two, three, four, memory, habit, choice, oscillation, wave, and-or particle. Any two is always one. X and Y is X and X' is X is not Y is circle is line is circle (or line).

Absolute-Relative: Circle-Line

The circle between absolute-relative is what we have otherwise named invisible-visible, abstract-concrete, hidden-showing, still-moving, silent-noisy, form-substance. There is a circle (and line) between these pairs making the circle absolutely relative and relatively absolute. The circle is our method, basis, or absolute intelligence, for untangling the invisible-visible, abstract-concrete, hidden-showing, still-moving,  silent-noisy,  form-substance dynamic between, and for, any entity-process. The circle is absolute-intelligence, absolute-relativity and, therefore, relatively-absolute (independent of size, shape, speed or location, all entities and processes are, from the circle's point of view, circles, in a circular relationship with circle-circling-circles). The circle is always present and is the invisible, abstract, hidden, still, silent, form beneath all forms and substances.

Observer-Observed, Frame-Framed: Circles

An observation and its observer are always in a circle. Independent of observer, or observation, the circle is present, and necessary, for both observer and observed. The circle, then is the basis for observation, and, therefore, the absolute intelligence of all observation. Likewise a frame and its entity are always in a circle. Independent of entity, or frame, the circle is present, and necessary, for the frame, the framed and the framer. The circle, then is the basis for frame, and, therefore, the absolute intelligence of all frames, framing, framed.

Long-Short, Circular-Linear: Circling

The circle is a constant, perpetual, stable, ubiquitous, invisible relationship of a curve (circumference) and a line (diameter), tied together eternally by pi.  This constant relationship creates an invisible intelligence, because pi will always produce two routes to the same destination, one long and circular (1.5) and the other short and linear (1).  The long circular does not, and cannot, exist without the short linear (1.5 = 1).  The long circular and the short linear are the yin and yang, or 'pair,' or symmetry, found in all entities, or pairs, or all conservations.

Pi = Circumference/Diameter (3=1.5*2/1) 3=2=1

The 3-2-1 relationship in a circle is present in all entities, independent of size, speed or location. (real, ideal, imagined, symbolic)

Relative Movement: Circled

The circle between any two entities varies in size as the entities move (appear to move). Both entities (are aware of) use the circle to compute the distance (sound) and speed (light), and-or difference (dimension), between them.  The circle and its diameter (curve and line) are joined together by pi. Pi is the basis for the entity, and the entity's relationship (circle) with any other entity (circle in a circle with another circle). This most basic relationship is found in all other relationships because all other relationships 'know' or 'are' or 'start' out with this one. (Everything's a circle; circles circle and circle circles.) A circle of pi, or a pi circle, produces reality as we know it, all entities, a circle of circles, and circles circling; a pi circle is an unending, constant expansion (and contraction) of circumference and diameter (sound and light); each and every entity (particle and force, entity and process, sound and light, substance and movement) is based on, comes from, and returns to, the circle.

Substance,-Movement, Entity-Process: Circle-Circling

Movement for all entities is always a binary choice (one direction or another). Movements back and forth always create a line which is always the diameter of a circle; therefore, movement comes from (is created or produced by) the, or a, circle.  A basic oscillation is the circle circling.  Moving substance is substance moving, controlled, forming, and formed by a circle.  A process is in a circular relationship with the entities it circles, or, with the entities that circle it; entity and process are in a circle; all processes are, then, eventually circular entities (and all entities eventually circular processes).

Memory-Habit: Circular

As all processes are circles, and, therefore, reference able through pi, memory is a circle of circles (circular process) as well. Memory of processes or entities is a circle of similar circles. The 'storage' of memories and-or processes is also a circle using a circle (to retrieve or deposit).  Habits or any repeated set of actions are also, ultimately, or eventually, circles, and, along with memory, reference able (knowable and storable) through pi. The circle is absolute intelligence for memory and habits in the same way it is absolute intelligence for all entities and processes.

Shadow-Movement: Circled Circling

Movement is the same entity (one) at two different times and-or spaces (two).  Separate entities are, from the circle's point of view, the same entity.  Movement, then, is eventually substance (light is eventually sound).  The circle is absolute intelligence (the basis for) movement and substance because as soon as an entity moves it has created an invisible line which is the diameter of an invisible circle.  Movement and substance, then, (otherwise known as time and space, or light and sound, or line and circle) are in a circular relationship with each other (and therefore, causing and caused by the circle).

Location-Hierarchy; Linear-Circular

Top, bottom, up, down, left, right, north, south, east, west, plus, minus, big, small, fast, slow, smart, ignorant, near, far, present, past, future, are all bound by the circle; hierarchy is arbitrary, and useless, or useful, as a circle, only; the line is, fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, totally bound by the circle (no diameters without circles).  Without the circle, linear observations, or measurements, produce incorrect, or incomplete answers.  All relationships are circular (and this is a staggering thought).

Circles of Lines and Lines of Circles

All entities, then, are circles of circles, circles of lines, lines of circles, and lines of lines; this statement reduces to a diameter and circumference or a line and a circle (our most basic movement and entity).  Movement (in either too small, or too large, a frame) is linear. All lines are diameters of circles. therefore, movement comes from, and resolves into, the circle.  The circle is absolute intelligence, absolute relativity, absolute substance, absolute movement, absolute form, absolute frame, absolute observation, and, eventually, and obviously, as we are 'willing' to see it, absolute reality. Because all entities and processes are in a circular-linear relationship, circled is one circle: 3 1/7 / 96 6/7  = 3 (Pi) / 100 (Pi Squared Squared)   (All numerical expressions are variations of, and reduce to,  1, 2, 3, or  prime, even, odd, base 2 and-or-3). A prime number always begins a new circle.

The presence of a prime is the reason for a constant which is how (and why) we have many primes, many constants, many circles, which appear as an accelerating (moving) circle which is also a decelerating (contracting) circle (eventually a line) which appears as a point, a singularity, which came from (destines at) a duplicity (duality). This entangled one and two (one as two, two as one) (complementarity, uncertainty) is the basis for reality (pi is the hidden arbiter between any X and Y; X and Y is forced by pi).

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